SMS Engi­nee­ring recei­ves the Natio­nal Pri­ze for Inno­va­tion Pri­ze of Pri­zes” from the Pre­si­dent of the Repu­blic of Italy



Sep­tem­ber 20th 2016 at Qui­ri­na­le Pala­ce, SMS Engi­nee­ring recei­ves from the Pre­si­dent of the Repu­blic of Ita­ly Ser­gio Mat­ta­rel­la, the Pri­ze of Pri­zes, with­dra­wn by Fran­ce­sco Casta­gna, CEO of the com­pa­ny, accom­pa­nied by Mas­si­mi­lia­no Cane­stro, in repre­sen­ta­tion also of the other two mem­bers, Anto­nio Ascio­ne and Rosan­ge­la Capas­so.

The com­pa­ny won the Pri­ze Enter­pri­se for Inno­va­tion IxI 2016″ by Con­fin­du­stria and in par­ti­cu­lar it is also clas­si­fied among the top nine com­pa­nies that recei­ved the Pri­zes of Pri­zes, orga­ni­zed by the Pre­si­den­cy of the Coun­cil of Mini­sters. They were pre­sent at the cere­mo­ny the Pre­si­dent of Cotec Lui­gi Nico­lais and the Mini­ster of Edu­ca­tion, Uni­ver­si­ty and Research Ste­fa­nia Gian­ni­ni.

The com­pa­nies that have been awar­ded along with SMS Engi­nee­ring are : Tele­com Ita­ly — TIM, STMi­croe­lec­tro­nics, Deda­group, Arca­dia Con­sul­ting, BTO, Comer, Fluid-o-Tech, Mar­le­gno. Among the big indu­strial groups the awar­ded com­pa­nies are : Research Cen­tre of FCA Group, ENI, Ita­lian Sta­te Rail­ways, Leo­nar­do Fin­mec­ca­ni­ca and STMi­croe­lec­tro­nics.

The Natio­nal Pri­ze for Inno­va­tion, orga­ni­zed under the respon­si­bi­li­ty of the Cotec Foun­da­tion, is awar­ded to the best expe­rien­ces of inno­va­tion, rea­li­zed in the field of indu­stry and ser­vi­ces, uni­ver­si­ty, govern­ment and ter­tia­ry. The Pri­ze is awar­ded to the win­ners by the Pre­si­dent of the Repu­blic, on the occa­sion of the Natio­nal Day of Inno­va­tion, which was esta­bli­shed by Decree of the Pre­si­dent of the Coun­cil of Mini­sters and cele­bra­ted for the fir­st time on June 10th 2008. It aims to ensu­re an annual time of reflec­tion on the sta­te of inno­va­tion in the Coun­try and in order to share the stra­te­gic objec­ti­ves to be achie­ved, in the pre­sen­ce of the highe­st repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of insti­tu­tions, com­pa­nies and research.

The inno­va­ti­ve soft­ware solu­tions of SMS Engi­nee­ring : Soft­ware Solu­tion myWMS JIS for Auto­mo­ti­ve and Manu­fac­tu­ring and Non Con­for­mi­ty Mana­ge­ment System Soft­ware Solu­tion AQUIS Aero­nau­tic Qua­li­ty Impro­ve­ment System with Seal of Excel­len­ce of Euro­pean Com­mis­sion for Hori­zon 2020

From left to right : the Mini­stry of Uni­ver­si­ty and Research Ste­fa­nia Gian­ni­ni, the Pre­si­dent of the Repu­blic Ser­gio Mat­ta­rel­la and Fran­ce­sco Casta­gna CEO of the SMS Engineering.

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