SMS Engi­nee­ring at ILA Ber­lin 2018, the tra­de fair for aero­spa­ce inno­va­tions taking pla­ce from 25 – 29 April. (HALL 6/380)


ILA (Inno­va­tion and Lea­der­ship in Aero­spa­ce) will be display­ing more than 200 air­craft and other exhi­bi­ts, over 150,000 visi­tors will be in Ber­lin, coming to view exhibits.

The air­craft Air­bus A340 BLA­DE (Break­th­rou­gh Lami­nar Air­craft Demon­stra­tor in Euro­pe) will be debu­ting at the fair, a test air­craft with lami­nar wings that signi­fi­can­tly redu­ce wind drag. Exhi­bi­ts repre­sen­ting eve­ry field of aero­spa­ce will be the­re, inclu­ding the DLR A320-ATRA research air­craft, the unman­ned Euro MALE RPAS (Remo­te­ly Pilo­ted Air­craft System), the Boeing E‑3A Sen­try AWACS, a recon­nais­san­ce air­craft, and the CASA C‑101 pla­nes of the Spa­nish aero­ba­tics team Patrul­la Águi­la. For the fir­st time the CH-53 trans­port heli­cop­ter will be sho­wn to the public. Will be the Euro­fighter and Tor­na­do, which visi­tors can also inspect, as well as trans­port air­craft inclu­ding the A400M and A310 MRTT MedE­vac, the A319 CJ for spe­cial air mis­sions, and the Tran­sall C‑160. The digi­tal futu­re of avia­tion is the key con­cern at the ILA Futu­re Lab. At the Inter­na­tio­nal Sup­plier Cen­ter, glo­bal con­cerns will be able to meet highly spe­cia­li­sed inter­na­tio­nal SMEs. More than 250 regi­ste­red exhi­bi­tors from over 20 coun­tries will be rea­dy and wai­ting. The industry’s key players can be found on an area cove­ring 3,000m, among them Air­bus, Bom­bar­dier, Boeing, system inte­gra­tors such as Die­hl, Lie­b­herr and Roc­k­well Col­lins, plus hi-tech spe­cia­lists such as Auto­flug, Sell and Recaro.

SMS Engi­nee­ring will pre­sent to inter­na­tio­nal ope­ra­tors par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the event the Soft­ware Solu­tion myWMS JIS (the Ware­hou­se Mana­ge­ment System solu­tion with Just-in-Sequen­ce func­tion that mana­ges, in an effi­cient and inte­gra­ted way, the flow of goods insi­de a com­pa­ny, with the help of por­ta­ble devi­ces, bar­co­des and RF and RFID systems for auto­mo­ti­ve and trans­port sec­tors, cur­ren­tly instal­led at Fiat in Mel­fi and Mase­ra­ti in Gru­glia­sco) and the Soft­ware Solu­tion AQUIS Aero­nau­tic QUa­li­ty Impro­ve­ment System (soft­ware solu­tion for the mana­ge­ment of Pro­cess and Pro­duct Non Con­for­mi­ties for the Aero­nau­ti­cal, Aero­spa­ce and Auto­mo­ti­ve, which recei­ved the Seal of Excel­len­ce as part of the Euro­pean Pro­gram Hori­zon 2020). The Fair will be the pla­ce whe­re The SMS Engi­nee­ring will pre­sent all Solu­tions and Pro­to­ty­pes made during 2017 Research and Deve­lo­p­ment Annual Acti­vi­ty with focus on Indu­stry, Aero­spa­ce, Logi­stics and Cyber Security.