SMS Engineering at ILA Berlin 2018, the trade fair for aerospace innovations taking place from 25-29 April. (HALL 6/380)

ILA (Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace) will be displaying more than 200 aircraft and other exhibits, over 150,000 visitors will be in Berlin, coming to view exhibits.

The aircraft Airbus A340 BLADE (Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe) will be debuting at the fair, a test aircraft with laminar wings that significantly reduce wind drag. Exhibits representing every field of aerospace will be there, including the DLR A320-ATRA research aircraft, the unmanned Euro MALE RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System), the Boeing E-3A Sentry AWACS, a reconnaissance aircraft, and the CASA C-101 planes of the Spanish aerobatics team Patrulla Águila. For the first time the CH-53 transport helicopter will be shown to the public. Will be the Eurofighter and Tornado, which visitors can also inspect, as well as transport aircraft including the A400M and A310 MRTT MedEvac, the A319 CJ for special air missions, and the Transall C-160. The digital future of aviation is the key concern at the ILA Future Lab. At the International Supplier Center, global concerns will be able to meet highly specialised international SMEs. More than 250 registered exhibitors from over 20 countries will be ready and waiting. The industry’s key players can be found on an area covering 3,000m, among them Airbus, Bombardier, Boeing, system integrators such as Diehl, Liebherr and Rockwell Collins, plus hi-tech specialists such as Autoflug, Sell and Recaro.

SMS Engineering will present to international operators participating in the event the Software Solution myWMS JIS (the Warehouse Management System solution with Just-in-Sequence function that manages, in an efficient and integrated way, the flow of goods inside a company, with the help of portable devices, barcodes and RF and RFID systems for automotive and transport sectors, currently installed at Fiat in Melfi and Maserati in Grugliasco) and the Software Solution AQUIS Aeronautic QUality Improvement System (software solution for the management of Process and Product Non Conformities for the Aeronautical, Aerospace and Automotive, which received the Seal of Excellence as part of the European Program Horizon 2020). The Fair will be the place where The SMS Engineering will present all Solutions and Prototypes made during 2017 Research and Development Annual Activity with focus on Industry, Aerospace, Logistics and Cyber Security.


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